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About us

Background & purpose

Since the implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong since July 2020, one after another civil society groups have been disbanded. We have established the 'Bonham Tree Aid' (BTA) overseas, dedicated to helping those imprisoned and their families to solve urgent problems, and hoping to provide a dignified life for prisoners and their families.

BTA derives its name from the stone wall trees on Bonham Road in Sai Wan, representing the resilient spirit of resisting destruction. Despite being mistakenly cut down, four 80-year-old banyan trees regrew their leaves after a season, inspiring us to bring the legendary will of our hometown to every beneficiary's heart and promote human rights worldwide.

We provide economic assistance to families in need and aims to be a credible humanitarian aid fund. The long-term goal is to build a comprehensive public welfare network that supports education, scientific research, and human rights development.

Our values

Third-party oversight

We maintain neutrality and transparency by having a third-party human rights group oversee our finances. We disclose any controversial decisions to ensure public awareness.

Building a public welfare network

We aim to establish a strong foundation to support livelihoods, education, and scientific research, while exploring alternative fundraising methods for those in need.

A fair support system

Ensuring equal access to public resources for all eligible individuals, and preventing resource bias. Support periods are also determined by actual sentence time to avoid 'endless' distribution.

Press coverage

Read about us in various news and media outlets, including Voice of America, SimonGlobal, and Epoch Times.

We need your support

We are currently supporting over 200 families; your donation can provide stable financial support for incarcerated individuals.

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