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1. If I want to apply for aid, what information do I need to submit?

Please prepare the following supporting documents and email the electronic files to this email address:

  1. Personal identification document (ID card or passport copy only)

  2. Proof of the prisoner's identity*

  3. Proof of relationship*

  4. Proof of address within the last three months

  5. Telegram username of an important contact person

  6. Certification of Trial (issued by the Correctional Services Department)

  7. Relevant news report in PDF format.

* If the application is not submitted by the person in custody

2. How does BTA ensure that my personal information will not be leaked?

To ensure the safety of applicants, all application data will not be stored in Hong Kong.


To protect privacy and personal safety, we also recommend using ProtonMail and VPN. The applicant may also provide other relevant proof of eligibility for financial assistance to the fund for reference. You can find more guidelines on protecting privacy and security on this page.

3. Will the scope of support of BTA be expanded to cover legal or medical expenses in the future?

We are more than happy to provide comprehensive support to all persons in custody, but currently the fund only has a monthly donation amount of approximately HKD 100,000, which limits the scope of distribution.


Currently, our financial support for political prisoners is based on their actual term of imprisonment, and is not distributed indefinitely. The amount of support ranges from HKD 3,000 to 9,000 per month or equivalent currency, depending on the amount of donations received by the fund.

4. How can we ensure that the donation process is secure in Hong Kong under the national security law?

The safest monthly donation method for now is through the Stripe platform. Stripe only shows that you donated to a charity*, and hides the name of the fund, so BTA's name will not appear on your bank records.

Also, donors can easily donate with a credit card (Visa/Master/AE) using Stripe.

*The actual category name may vary depending on the bank, but in any case, our name will not be displayed directly.

5. How can I ensure that my donation is being used appropriately?

We implement a "third-party oversight system" where third-party human rights activists supervise the fund's finances. This not only ensures that the funds are used for legitimate purposes, but also eliminates the problem of high administrative expenses that is common in general funds, aiming to achieve "transparency" and "integrity".


Currently, we submit detailed financial reports to the our Voluntary Finance Committee every month for approval. In addition, we also publish a detailed work report every three months to ensure that the fund is subject to public scrutiny.


BTA is committed to inviting different human rights organisations to serve as voluntary finance committee members to monitor the fund's financial situation. And in case of unreasonable financial conditions, the voluntary finance committee will publicly disclose our complete financial report, allowing the public to judge whether to continue trusting the fund.

6. Previously, some humanitarian aid funds had their accounts frozen. Do you have any corresponding preventive measures in place?

The Hong Kong government has frozen bank accounts of some organizations and individuals involved in humanitarian work under the pretext of suspected money laundering to achieve political goals. Therefore, we have a series of corresponding measures in place.


BTA is a UK registered fund that uses WiseUK for banking, and using overseas financial institutions can avoid funds being unreasonably and indefinitely frozen due to political suppression.


In addition, we also recommend donors to use monthly donations instead of one-time large donations, mainly to avoid hoarding resources and reduce risks. On the other hand, we also hope to provide stable financial support for prisoners.

7. What are the current difficulties of BTA?

We are currently facing two pressing challenges:


1)Lack of visibility

At present, our social media following is relatively low, and due to algorithmic limitations, our posts are seen by fewer targeted users. As a result, Bonham Tree Aid is unable to achieve the same level of support as similar funds.


2)Lack of manpower

Due to limited membership, we require assistance in various areas, including but not limited to: daily administrative support, public relations and communications, accounting, and those who are willing to work with us in advancing human rights in Hong Kong and reviving the local community.

8. What are your long-term goals for the organisation's future development?

The primary goal of the fund is to support political prisoners and newly-released individuals, and in the future, we will also strive to establish stronger support programs for various public welfare activities, including but not limited to education, entrepreneurship, and scientific research.


Our plans include:

1. Include and update our prisoners' support guidelines

2. Scholarship programme

3. Promotion of overseas Hong Kong cultural education 


Ultimately, we hope to cultivate talent through education, and unite talent for the development of science and entrepreneurship, so that eventually we can give back to the Education and Humanitarian Support fields. 

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